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Interesting fact

I’ve skied in Canada, USA, Andorra, Spain and France….  I am still the world’s worst skier!!

Hospitality and me


Valerie is certainly well travelled… Having gone to school in Canada, is a registered Bermudian and lived in both Tenerife and France she brings a fresh and well-rounded approach to everything she does for the company.  Before joining Platinum in 2015, Valerie enjoyed a varied and fun career a hi-light of which was her time in Bermuda.  Her organisational and communication skills are essential for keeping our credit control exactly that … controlled!

Social me

My wild party days have unfortunately ceased (I can’t take the pace anymore and it takes too long to get over!)  However, I do enjoy socializing with friends; walking around the beautiful area we’re lucky enough to live in, reading and spending time with my family.   I have a love for animals and particularly interested in predatory birds and would love to go to Portugal to see the wildlife in the wetlands.

Why Platinum

I am listened to and believe respected.  There is a good office rapport.  Breakfast on Friday’s helps along with the great social events.

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