Platinum Recruitment have chosen ‘Recruitment Juice’ – Training Provider of the Year 2017 – to provide our in-house training for the coming 18 months.

At Platinum Recruitment we are passionate about training and ensuring our team have the best possible resources to enable them to continuously provide our clients with the professional service they have come to expect.

Having met with Recruitment Juice and been offered a bespoke training package, we feel their specialist recruitment training will enhance our offering and ensure we stay on top of the many changes facing both the Hospitality and Recruitment industry.

From Junior Recruiters through to Senior Management, we are constantly looking to improve our standards to make certain we are the very best we can be. Training has never been an optional add on but an essential ingredient in helping us continue to grow and offer both our candidates and clients a service we can be proud of.

With this in mind it made sense for us to look to a training provider that could offer us a bespoke, effective learning experience that could cater for all levels within the business. Recruitment Juice ticked those boxes.

Recruitment Juice Philosophy

“We learn most effectively when we are engaged, interested, stimulated, interacting and enjoying the experience.”

“The Juice revolution began by combining video training with the now industry-famous comedy drama scenarios. This was the first step in engaging learners by providing a format that they were excited to watch, which saw a significant increase in retention and subsequent changes in behavior.”

Find out more about Recruitment Juice in their promo trailer…..

We are extremely excited to be partnering with Recruitment Juice and looking forward to experiencing a fresh approach to training. #LovePlatinum

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At Platinum we are always looking for people with hospitality job experience to join our #PlatinumFamily. With offices in Bournemouth and Southampton we can offer a fantastic work life balance in a driven, professional environment. For more information, please take a look at our latest catering and hospitality recruitment agency vacancy or send us an email with your CV