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Interesting fact

I can click my throat.


My career in platinum started in 2019 and after being at Platinum for just shy of 2 years, I decided to be a good Samaritan and get into Support Work during Furlough – turns out the grass wasn’t greener. It didn’t take me long to realise that my heart was still at Platinum, and I jumped at the opportunity to return.


I recently brought a house with my new fiancé and I am officially skint for the foreseeable. I have 2 feral cats named Mylee and Milo (in coincidental). Unfortunately, they use my new carpet as a toilet and paint the kitchen with furballs – side note, does anyone want to take on 2 cats? I’ve got 2 going free. In between being the oldest 24-year old known to man, I am loving wedding planning, adjusting to step mum life and still very much enjoying a bev or 3 whenever I can.

Why Platinum

Platinum is an amazing company to work for, the office has a great vibe the people are fab, making work feel a little less work like! (The summer and Christmas parties are a bonus).

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